Sample Letter

Dear Mayor Burroughs and City Council Members:

I am a registered voter residing in the City of Denton. I am writing to request that you cancel your relationship with the corrupt foreign corporation, Redflex and end the Red Light Camera program in Denton. These cameras have never been proven to improve safety and in fact, in our city, have increased accidents at several major intersections and have also been placed at safe intersections solely for revenue generating purposes.

Further, the laws used to prop these cameras up, paid for by camera company lobbyists, are in violation of rights guaranteed by both the United States and Texas constitutions. An assumption of guilt, that the registered owner was indeed the driver is written into the law. We are not allowed to face our accuser which is in fact a camera operator that, by the same corrupt laws, only requires a simple signed affidavit to testify as to its veracity. Further, a presumably dangerous criminal act has been decriminalized in order to lower the burden of proof to an evidentiary level that the automated camera can collect. This perversion of justice is designed to create a streamlined system solely designed for collection of fines by a for-profit company embroiled in scandal and line the city’s pockets with ill-gotten gains.

The vast majority of these fines are handed out for rolling right hand turns which rarely (by TxDoT’s own studies) result in accidents of any type and are not a burden on the city enough to bring cause for a civil action against the driver.

The contract is slated for renewal in July 2014 and the council can simply exercise the decision to not renew. You must also elect to amend the City Charter to outlaw such for-profit surveillance laws that prey on our citizens and do little to improve our quality of life.

At the very least, this matter should be put to the ballot and as many other communities are finding nationwide, when this happens, the same voters who elected you to office will overwhelmingly vote against such intrusive, unconstitutional measures.



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