Free Denton was founded to fight the corrupt practice of Red Light Camera ticketing in Denton, Texas.

In a city of 117,000, we have handed out over 50,000 red light tickets since the program began in 2005. For the majority of this time, we had a total of six cameras. In 2011 we added three more.

Last year, those nine cameras issued over 16,000 citations.

Now the city is at fifteen.

Are we all suicidal drivers? Rolling the dice and blowing through red lights at busy intersections?

No. We are getting fleeced on technicalities. By cameras that record your movements with hundredths of a second accuracy and by a for profit machine out to make a buck.

This program is only made possible by city ordinance that circumvents constitutional rights. 5th, 6th and 14th amendment rights are cast aside to discourage citizens from seeking justice. You are presumed guilty. Your true accuser can elect not to appear and instead testify via affidavit.

All of this is down to streamline the transfer of your money to a for-profit, private corporation, Redflex. The same company making headlines for corruption and bribery in its business practices.

They control the ticket collection and issuing process which our very own public servants stamp with their electronic signature.

For profit ticketing of any ordinance is a scam. Writing laws that support this is unconscionable. We expect better of our public servants and elected officials. No, we demand better as should you.

Join us making Denton streets free again.


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