Not Out of the Woods Yet

Well, I’d been hoping with the impending implosion of Redflex here in the U.S. and the surge in communities across the country that are tearing down these unconstitutional driver shakedowns, that we’d be getting smarter here in Denton.

A document shared by Kevin Roden on his blog proved otherwise. Your elected city council plans to head to Austin with this on their agenda:

Oppose legislation that further restricts a city’s ability to implement a photographic red light enforcement system to use cameras at traffic lights and impose a civil penalty for running the light.

This is from their draft agenda for the 2015 State Legislative Agenda. They plan to go to Austin and continue to sell your constitutional rights to the highest bidder. Oh, and this is all about “public safety“…not profit.

They’re planning to speak out against House Bill 3304 which was left pending in committee two years ago and which, from my understanding, may finally see action this coming legislative session.

I left a request for a comment on his blog. Buckle up.



10 responses to “Not Out of the Woods Yet

  1. It has nothing to do with Public Safety. It’s just another way to raise money for the city without law enforcement having to do their jobs.It’s kind of like with the city code violations. I appeared in court to plea not guilty to a code violation for not having doors on my garage. I told the judge that I was not guilty because I didn’t own the property.according to State Law that is the owners responsibility.To which Judge Ramsey said he would reserve ruling until he could check the laws on that. Six months later I received a letter from some attorneys in ft worth representing the City of Denton stating that I owed 1300.00 dollars for failure to appear and not having garage doors .

  2. Hi Russ, what Kevin is doing in Austin has to be done. Denton must protect its home rule. I read the proposed legislation and it would, among other things, serve in protecting Denton’s Frakking Ban and other ordinances. Denton, on its own, needs to reject Redflex. That is where the efforts need to be. A citizen’s initiative in Denton could work, and regular reports to the Council on the problems Redflex is causing need to be made. Support needs to be built here in Denton.

    • Hate to disagree but Kevin Roden and company have no business fighting efforts to end Red Light camera scams. The camera boondoggle is state law and state law must be changed to stop corporations like Redflex from pursuing for-profit law enforcement. There is nothing tying the Frakking Ban to support of red light cameras – these are two separate items on their agenda. If someone has told you that, it is an outright lie.

  3. The legislation proposed is to prevent the State of Texas from introducing any legislation that over turns the right of home rule. In my opinion, Denton needs to bolster this right now and that is what the legislation being proposed is all about. I agree with you that we do not need our City Council fighting efforts to end Red Light camera scams but that is not what Kevin Roden was in Austin doing. As I said before, there are other ways to get Denton out from under this Red Light Camera scam, which indeed should be done.

    • The quote in my report above is from the draft agenda that Kevin linked to. It very plainly implies that it is part of their agenda in Austin to fight efforts to prevent the city from employing red light camera scams. Whether Kevin drafted it or the council as a whole, they need to revisit that stance. HB 3304 (the legislation in Austin which I believe this draft agenda is referencing) would not overturn home rule it would gut an unconstitutional state law bought by corrupt lobbyists. I understand why they are fighting it – they have latched themselves to a sinking ship with a 5 year contract for a practice which has become “unprofitable” in the US as people realize their rights are at stake. Sad thing is it will be our money that will pay them off. The best way to get rid of this is to repeal the state law that supports it and ban them, like speed cameras have been banned, on a state-wide level.

  4. Can’t help but wonder how many of Denton’s Counsel Members, Officers, or other City/County Employees have been caught running Red Lights and had their violations Dismissed? Do THEY have some “unwritten” benefit such as Executive Privilege?

  5. Casual Driver | January 9, 2015 at 7:21 pm | Reply
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    Can’t help but wonder how many of Denton’s Counsel Members, Officers, or other City/County Employees have been caught running Red Lights and had their violations Dismissed? Do THEY have some “unwritten” benefit such as Executive Privilege?

    • From what I have been able to tell, city employees in city vehicles go through a different, internal process which I doubt has ever been properly audited. I’ve never asked about tickets to Counsel Members in personal vehicles, though it wouldn’t surprise me if they got breaks. It isn’t uncommon with these setups in other municipalities.

  6. Has anyone considered a petition for a referendum to Denton’s red light camera ordinance. I would like to volunteer for something like that. I can’t find the law or regulation pertaining to the number of signatures needed to overturn Denton’s ordinance. Also such a movement would need support of the Denton PD. Simply put they need to understand their jobs are going away to automation; how many traffic cops didn’t get a job due to a redlight camera?

    • The petition is still an option however at the moment things are in motion on a statewide level. That fails, expect a local effort to pop up. Frankly, the statewide ban would be ideal due to the time, effort and expense of a petition.

      On the required signatures, it is relatively insignificant because the city requires a number equivalent to 25% of the total votes in the last election. However, from other communities experience, you can expect the city will challenge it (very likely with legal assistance from the camera company) so getting all the legalese correct and appropriate counsel would be imperative.

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