Monthly Archives: November 2014

Not Out of the Woods Yet

Well, I’d been hoping with the impending implosion of Redflex here in the U.S. and the surge in communities across the country that are tearing down these unconstitutional driver shakedowns, that we’d be getting smarter here in Denton.

A document shared by Kevin Roden on his blog proved otherwise. Your elected city council plans to head to Austin with this on their agenda:

Oppose legislation that further restricts a city’s ability to implement a photographic red light enforcement system to use cameras at traffic lights and impose a civil penalty for running the light.

This is from their draft agenda for the 2015 State Legislative Agenda. They plan to go to Austin and continue to sell your constitutional rights to the highest bidder. Oh, and this is all about “public safety“…not profit.

They’re planning to speak out against House Bill 3304 which was left pending in committee two years ago and which, from my understanding, may finally see action this coming legislative session.

I left a request for a comment on his blog. Buckle up.